4-LDiener-Headshot-March 2015 RSLynelle jumped headlong into a lifetime love and passion for training and development two weeks after graduating college. The Dean of Business at a local college sought her expertise and talents. Within a week, Lynelle was leading five retail management classes. She knew she needed to develop a style that would instantly put students at ease, help them connect with theories and concepts, and be inspired to do their best work. One of the best pieces of advice came from her dad, a lifelong educator, who simply said, “Entertain them”. She has embodied that ever since.

Today, Lynelle’s signature style of creating memorable, results-oriented learning experiences is transforming teams and helping leading organizations reach their strategic goals. Lynelle has the unique ability to take “big picture ideas” and transform them into realistic, simplified training and development opportunities with immediate work place application. Participants build confidence to reach beyond their comfort zone and truly experience growth that leads to positive change and results.

Lynelle’s learning environments are known for being innovative and energetic; a haven for highly engaged participants where they thrive and gain confidence, both professionally and personally. She drives active participation and experiential learning where laughter and trust abound. Clients and leaders are engaged through storytelling and humor while participating in a collaborative learning environment where they are empowered to share their own stories and work together with their peers, team members, and senior leaders.

Lynelle specializes in:

  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Leading the Customer Experience
  • Leadership Development for Front-line and Emerging Leaders
  • Growing Performance and Engagement during Organizational Transformation and Change
  • Action Planning for Immediate Workplace Application and Results

With over twenty years of experience in the retail and corporate world allow Lynelle to flex and mold her efforts to the needs of the team or leaders. She brings a wealth of holistic yet practical experience supporting leading organizations that include The Estee Lauder Companies, Walgreens, and Macy’s (formerly Burdines of S. Florida). Her areas of focus include learning & development, sales, customer service, marketing, and human resources. Lynelle is a proud Spartan, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Merchandising Management from Michigan State University. She is active in her community serving as a mentor to young women through the Youth Job Center in Evanston, IL, and volunteering for the PTA at her son’s elementary school where she leverages her skills to support fundraisers and after-school programing.