5-Jenn-Giordano-Head shot-Mar 2015 RSJenn is passionate about helping people develop the skills they need to succeed in the future workplace. Jenn’s approach goes well beyond just the traditional training and skill building. Her unique approach to learning comes from her own experience in large, complex organizations, coupled with an unparalleled ability to connect with her audience. As an executive coach, Jenn is able to create an open and participative learning environment where participants find themselves engaged in what feels more like a discussion than a traditional training. Her style weaves humor, storytelling, inquiry, and skills practice with in-the-moment feedback.

Jenn Giordano is committed to helping leaders address the 3 issues that keep them up at night:

  1. Attracting and keeping the right people in the right jobs;
  2. Motivating and inspiring them to do their best work;
  3. Creating a culture of change makers who aren’t just responding to change but are actively innovating.

Jenn has been helping people realize their full potential for over a decade, working both internally and externally as a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach. She prides herself on building deep and lasting relationships with clients. By truly listening to their individual needs and the needs of their teams and organizations and then designing programs that meet these needs.

For over a decade, Jenn worked in the training, recruiting, leadership and organizational development space for leading companies such as Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Jenn holds a double Masters in Counseling Psychology and Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.