70% of today’s high performers lack critical attributes essential to their success in future roles

leadershipEven employees who haven’t been dubbed high potentials work harder in a place where good things happen to those who deserve them –
“How to Keep Your Top Talent”, Harvard Business Review, Jean Martin & Conrad Schmidt, May 1, 2010

Our Leadership Development Services – Investing in your organization’s leaders.
Our leadership development services are designed to equip the key players in your organization, leaders of others. We partner with organizations to develop customized, experiential learning with “real-time” application. Our process begins with exploring and discovering the challenges that are impacting your leaders and the organization’s productivity, results, and employee satisfaction. Our goal is not to provide an “off-the-shelf” training class. We focus on developing customized programs or seminars that meet your organization’s leadership vision and challenges while integrating the mindsets, behaviors, and success factors your organization expects of its leaders. From here, we design a specific program or customize existing offerings that address the behavior expected of all leaders. We integrate the adult learning principles that deliver dynamic, engaging, and interactive & results oriented solutions.

A sample of our offerings include:

Bridging the Gap: Engaging Generational Differences

So what is all this generational talk all about? The purpose of the workshop is to provide attendees an opportunity to explore the stereotypes, myths, and realities of today’s workforce. Particular attention will be focused on how these generations deal with and adapt to change in addition to exploring the workplace trends and best practices in today’s workplace. Attendees will be asked to explore from within themselves how to appropriately educate and influence their thinking around generational differences. Subsequently, participants will be creating action plans to rise to the challenge of creating a workforce that is inclusive, open to new ideas, and ready to embrace today’s workforce and the rising service expectations. Additionally, they will be expected to identify how they will personally commit their role to improving teamwork and driving increased business results.

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Building Future Leaders

In this interactive workshop, participants focus on their personal leadership brand and the foundational skills needed to be an effective leader. They will examine their personal style to define their leadership brand, explore emotional intelligence, recognize the importance of giving and receiving feedback, practice handling difficult situations and understanding the sources of conflict.

Engaging in Conflict Resolution

In this interactive workshop, participants will define the various sources of conflict to reduce escalation and build stronger relationships and teams. While people and teams face on-going changes to remain competitive and agile, they will focus on how conflict impacts their ability to effectively deal with change. Participants will build stronger skills in dealing with conflict while practicing difficult conversations. Through a simulated interactive learning experience, participants will explore how conflict and change impacts individuals and teams.

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