customer-serviceIn today’s social media world, future customers and employees can learn about your organization’s ability to provide excellent customer service. Sometimes choosing to patronize your competition. We work with organizations looking to reinforce or establish their ability to demonstrate superior customer service. Our process is focused on developing a service vision that goes beyond solving customer problems and job knowledge. We partner with organizations to anticipate customer needs, demonstrate empathy, and develop service standards and practices. Customer focused organizations hire leaders committed to service along with the right team of service-oriented employees. Ensuring you have a team of satisfied employees, who can look out for a customer, whatever their needs, will ensure repeat business and loyalty.

A sample of our offerings include:

Empathy: Walking A Mile in Their Shoes

In this interactive workshop, participants will create an aligned definition of empathy and why it is essential to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Participants will focus on their understanding of their customers needs, “walk a mile in their shoes”. They will examine the impact of how the organization’s service or lack of, impacts the customer and the company’s brand. Through various case studies, skills practices, and best practice discussions, participants will practice demonstrating empathy to be integrated in their daily interactions with the customer and each other.

Service Essentials for Everyone™

This workshop is built on the fundamentals of customer service excellence. Through team, paired, and individual exercises, participants will focus on Service Essentials for Everyone™: Attitude of Excellent Service, Identifying customer needs, thoughtful body language & words, uncompromising service at every contact point, resolving conflict, and exceeding customer expectations. Participant’s best practices and real world experiences are built into the learning process. After attending, there is also a renewed focus on internal customer service as well as external.

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Service Essentials for Managers™

Inspire Managers to Inspire Staff! Help your managers to create an energizing environment for staff members. This comprehensive training process will enable managers to build the infrastructure for excellent service. Service Essentials™ for Managers give managers and supervisors the tools to create an environment for clearly defined and well – communicated work expectations. The interactive learning focuses on inspiring your people, managing feedback & communication, measuring service, and recognizing excellence.

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