Bridging the Gap- Engaging Generational Differences

teamBy Jeffrey Parsons

So what is all this generational talk all about? Slackers, Tech Savvy, lazy, “pay their dues!”, text / IM, fear of change, respectful, job-hoppers, Social Media, lack of loyalty …sound familiar? Today, in most companies, your workforce demographics may include workers from all generations: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. We work with organizations and individuals who are working to increase their awareness and overcome the challenges they face with variety of generations in today’s workforce.

Who are these Traditionalists? Baby Boomers? Generation X? Millennials? To meet the demands of the competition in today’s job market, companies need to rise to the challenge of creating an atmosphere and business strategy that values differences, is open to new ideas, and ready to embrace customers’ and employees’ rising expectations. Additionally, organizations need to focus on how to enhance their training, development, and investment in today’s workforce, particularly in this competitive environment.

We focus on how to breakdown the stereotypes, myths, and realities of our workforce. Particular attention on how these generations deal with and adapt to change. Leaders and team members need to explore from within themselves how to appropriately educate and influence their thinking around generational differences. Subsequently, challenge their focus on their behaviors to rise to the challenge of creating a workforce that is inclusive, open to new ideas, and ready to embrace today’s expectations. Additionally, committing to improving teamwork, driving increased business results, and influencing your organization on how to begin to understand these differences.

Each generation has a unique personality and behavior style. The day of a “one-size-fits-all” training, leadership style, or retention strategies no longer fits with today’s workforce expectations. In order to remain competitive, companies are faced with updating their recruiting/hiring practices, compensation / benefits packages, and life/work balance opportunities. We are dedicated to helping businesses understand their generational differences and drive improved performance among individuals and teams. We partner with businesses to prepare them for the changes and transitions within today’s workforce.

With the recent changes in our economy, down sizing, and well known companies/businesses disappearing, it becomes even more imperative to understand how to connect and engage with all generations. The younger generations are entering key decision-making and leadership roles. How prepared are they to lead and connect with the older generations? 5-7 years ago, the trend was to educate the Baby Boomers and Traditionalists on how to lead and connect with the Gen Xers. Today, all four generations are co-existing in the workplace. It is essential emerging leaders in the younger generations understand how Baby Boomers and Traditionalists like to be lead, informed, and developed. Sending emails and text messages will not be the only answer. We can help!



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